Lloyd Sphiwe Mhlongo

Current degree level: MSc

Field of specialisation: Ethnobotany

Project title: The ethnobotany and pharmacognosy of selected useful plants of the Amandawe area KZN

Promoter: Prof. Ben-Erik Van Wyk

MSc Project

This project's main focus is to establish the use of plants in the area of Amandawe of the KwaCele chieftain in KwaZulu Natal South Africa. To achieve this goal, a quantitative ethnobotanical survey of plants within the study area will be conducted. The Matrix Method will be used to determine the use pattern of plants which will give an indication of which plants are mostly used (their popularity) and also give an indication of the knowledge of plant use across age groups of the local population. The overall aim is to collect indigenous knowledge from different parts of the country and have them scientifically recorded. As a result of rapid loss of indigenous knowledge, there is an urgency to record the plant use information for future benefit. The study site is along the south coast of KwaZulu Natal, predominantly occupied by isiZulu-speaking people.

Conference contributions

Mhlongo, L.S., Van Wyk, B.-E. 2015. "A preliminary list of useful plants of Amandawe area in KwaCele, KwaZulu-Natal".(Poster: 18th Conference of the Indigenous Plant Use Forum joint with the 56th Conference of the Society for Economic Botany (SEB), Clanwilliam, South Africa, 28 June-02 July 2015).